1   J. Cox Mem Bowl                  Best vel. final YB race for fanciers up to age 25 years

2   J. Bowers Mem cup             Best av Fougeres I and Cholet

3   Buckingham cup                   Fougeres 1 winner

4   Buckingham Pts cup            Individual points cup.

5   Crowther cup                        Two bird average Bergerac

6   Delbridge cup                       Winner of longest race.

7   Downton cup                        Old bird average winner

8   Ned Hammond Mem cup Winner of the longest race

9   Roy Harris Mem trophy    Best Average Carentan 1 & Cholet

10 Len Holden Figurine          1st yearling Cholet

11 Kings cup                              Best average Fougers 2, Cholet & Bergerac

12 Lynham trophy                   1st Cock bird Bergerac

13 Lynham trophy                   1st Hen bird Bergerac

14 McCormac cup                   Cholet winner

15 McLaren cup                      Best average all N.F.C. races

16 Nash cup                             1st yearling Bergerac

17 Pope cup                             Combined average winner

18 J. Reeves Mem cup          Combined average runner up

19 J. Reeves Mem bowl       Best average longest OB and YB races

20 Mrs J Solen Mem trophy1st Hen Cholet

21 Toomer cup                       Bergerac winner

22 Thornton Shield                Lowest winning old bird velocity.

23 Thornton cup                    Young bird average winner.

24 Thornton Shield                Young bird average runner up

25 Bill Yates Mem cup          Single nom Bergerac (Mark race entry form with Y)

26 Watmore cup                    Winner Truro young bird race

27 Red Barrel cup                 Club with highest points ( no claim required )

28 Championship Cup          Club with second highest points

Claim Procedure for Trophies

1 Name and Club of Claimant

2 Trophy name and number (see list) being claimed

3 All workings of points or velocities supporting the claim

4 Claims must be signed by the club secretary and dated


The first club in each race will receive a point pro rata for each club competing in the race, the second club, one point less etc. Clubs not competing or disqualified will receive no points. The club with the highest number of points will be the winner and hold the trophy for one year. The runner up club will be awarded the Championship Shield.

50 Diplomas will be issued for each race